Awesome Robot is a young company
founded in 2015 in Berlin, Germany.
Its main goal is to create games and apps
while eating pizzas and drinking beer.
And hopefully, pay the rent.

So far, it has worked.

As this new year of 2019 begins, Awesome Robot
counts with more than one million installs from
users all around the world. Users that share its values.
Respect everyone, be kind, share love.
Through words, actions, apps, whatever you do.

Awesome Robot is an one man company that makes
mobile apps and games for people, robots and aliens.
You can choose any GIF image file
to set as your phone Live Wallpaper.
1 • First, you select what you want to import, a GIF or a background image.
2 • Next, you import the image.
3 • Move it and scale it the way you wish.
4 • You can use these tools and make your wallpaper look even better.
5 • GIF and background ready? Just hit the   ✓   button!
6 • Don't forget to take a look at some interesting things in the settings menu.
1. How can I set GIF Live Wallpaper as a lock screen wallpaper? And how can I set different images for my home screen and my lock screen?

The compatibility of GIF Live Wallpaper and the lock screen depends on the device manufacturer. After the latest updates and tweaks I've made, It works in a lot of devices, but not on all of them. Long story short: if it doesn't work on your device, it's because its manufacturer didn't want to. Sorry for that.

2. After some minutes, my wallpaper resets.

Is there maybe a memory manager wiping apps out in order to free memory? If yes, add GIF Live Wallpaper as an exception and everything will work fine.

3. Does it drain too much battery?

I did put a lot of effort to make a code that could be light and fast in order to prevent battery draining. Even so, please let me know if something goes not as expected.

4. It's using too much RAM memory. Why?

I'm always working on optimizing memory usage. Consider using images that are not so big (pixels of resolution) but also not so long (animation time).
5. I can't find my images. Why?

In some devices, the app can see GIFs located only in the memory card. in others, only in the device internal memory. It's a rare behaviour, but it can happen. Try to move the images from one place to another and it may work.

6. There is just an black background instead of the image I selected.

It means that the GIF Live Wallpaper is not compatible with your device. Sorry for any inconvenience.

7. What is 'Aggressive memory management'?

If this option is enabled, GIF Live Wallpaper will take some actions in order to save memory. Every time you open the app, it will remove its Live Wallpaper from the background. Whenever you hit 'back' on your device to close the app, it will remove itself from memory, making the wallpaper restart. In some devices, the wallpaper may not restart as expected.

8. Failed to copy file.

When you try to open a file from your Downloads or Recents tab, you get an error. Try to change the chooser by opening the tab in the left upper corner (where it says Downloads or Recents). Choose 'Gallery' in the list and it should work.

A super fun block breaker game.

A super addictive block breaker game.
Super easy controls, made to play with just one hand.
Fun guaranteed!

You have 100 shots. Find the perfect angle
and stay alive as long as you can!

Blocks - Time Smasher is completely free
to download and play! There are no in-app purchases.
You'll never spend a cent playing it.
Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy
This Privacy Policy is effective as of January 1, 2015 and was last modified on November 15, 2018.

I believe that your privacy is very important. I will not collect and/or keep any kind of data from your device or related to you. My objective is to provide apps for your entertainment, and that's all.

But be aware about these things:

• my apps are offered through Google Play Store. Every time you use a Google Play Store app or simply use your Android device, Google and maybe other companies may collect data from you.

• I need to show ads to create revenue and support myself and my family. The companies that provide those ads will for sure collect data from you. Currently I am showing ads from Admob (a Google company) and its partners through ad mediation.

• I am not obligated to inform you about those things. That said, know that we're on the same side.

If you need more information about this policy, please contact me by clicking → here ←.